About us

Dr. Lekha Kukreja

Founder / Chief Dentist
Registration number: US board certified , A-3758 MP STATE DENTAL COUNCIL
"Being passionate about my profession is being me”, quotes Dr. Lekha Kukreja. After 10 + years of working in various clinics and hospitals in India and USA and also contributing in research. Dr. Lekha now brings to you a unique yet profound concept of dentistry – Online consultations. Dr. Lekha is not only a trained dentist, but also has US board certification, so you can rest assured of professionalism and expertise. Come, join the MEvolution, be part of this new era in medical sciences, where you are as much part of the decision making as is the doctor.

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Our Vision

We want to create a niche of trust and assurance of safe treatment with the final goal of a pain free community.

Our Mission

To give people with dental concerns a trustworthy and convenient platform to be sure that the dental treatment they are or would be undergoing is the best possible for them, so that they undergo the treatment with confidence, clarity and comfort.