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Achala Arora

A thorough professional with an eye for details. Dr. Lekha has become a family dentist for us. She has the patience to hear what the patient has to say. I always feel at ease while consulting her. A must go to dentist if you want a holistic treatment.

Bismita Choudhury

Like it very much. Very useful. At least I will have some prior knowledge about my teeth problem before going to the doctor’s chamber and so, can save myself from the wrong opinion or wrong treatment.

Abha Kukreja

In a profession where money has become the guiding force for prescribing treatment, DentOp brings in a breath of fresh air. Having personally experienced their consultation for my 4 year old son, I would highly recommend this service to anyone who seeks genuine relief from their pain. A big thank you to DentOp for coming up with such a sincere platform.

Manali Jain

Patient with tooth pain
Thanks a lot for your guidance and help. Now my teeth are better than earlier